Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Twilight Eye Roll...and it aint sushi

So, I was reading one of my fav blogs Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife, and she talks about whether you are IN or OUT of the closet as far as Twilight is concerned. I'M OUT, and its cool I couldnt give a flying crap what people think, and if they think I'm whacked for my love of all things Edward Cullen. Most people who know me, know the extent of the obsession the BFF earlier tonight told me to "hit the brakes" Funny, because she is quick to forget she is the one who got me hooked on this shit.

I was recently introduced to a reaction that I like to call the " Twilight Eye Roll"

We were having drinks with some friends, and they brought a couple with them I had never met. My friend B-Val whips out her Iphone ( who by the way told me if the "Iphone had a dick she'd f*uck it") her words not mine.

She exclaims "Look your blog!!"

I had just recently set my blog into the wild, and it being a newborn I was excited to see it.

So the woman says "Well, what's it about?"

And I respond proudly "My crazy Twilight addiction."

She says " ummm Twilight , nope don't know it"


This poor woman has obviously been living under a rock, So I try to enlighten her the best I can.

I explain the story line, our favorite sparkling vampire etc..

B-Val hands her the Iphone, with my literary genius blaring in her face. She looks at it snarls a little and hands it back. Didn't even read a sentence. HAG!

" I don't read that kind of thing"

and cue eye roll....

.So I unleash some Twack on her, and the rest of the party....Nope nothing...pretty much sounded like a summer night on your back lawn....crickets baby crickets.

One person excuses them self to go to the bathroom ( probably to puke) , and the topic dies a uncomfortable horrid death leaving B-Val and I feeling a little ashamed, I think the hubbo was a bit embarrassed too.

So, I started to ponder am I a total loser? Have I lost my grip on reality. Nope, some people just don't know a good vegetarian vampire when it sparkles in a meadow next to them.

So haters beware, if you roll your eyes at me, I'm gonna tell you to shit in your hat!


B-Val said...

Shit in a hat they sure as hell will !!!!

They don't even know! If they knew they'd love it....I don't know a single person who doesn't. Even hubby read the first book and now is all giddy as a school girl to go to forks during our seattle trip. That should tell ya something right there!

I'm on your side Care Bear!

Latchkey Wife said...

Wahoo! Thanks for the shout out! I get the "eye roll" at least 20 times a day from various coworkers, friends, family members so I feel your pain! (I can only imagine most of their eyeballs would roll right out of their fucking heads if they ever read my blog!) If I meet a Twi-virgin, I can talk that fucking story up so much, they leave needing to read it!! Did it just yesterday as a matter of fact...