Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm back bitches, but not for long.

Well, well, well....I see we have all been busy. Latchkeywife is engaged to Rpatz, Twitarded is forever giving us shit to laugh about and spew beverages onto our computer screens,Mrs. Vanquish has some of the finest guest bloggers, Twisessed is reading the holy grail of manuscripts and Tasha is taking a break (yeah right!) I had to show you all love because although I'm not here, I'm never too far away....I have on the other hand been less busy with our panty combustable boyfriend Rpatz... no time for fanfic, no Darkward, no Domward. Just crazy ass life. I have less time to read and look at all the shit that would usually having me humping the screen and more time studying to become a nurse. I am in school again and trying to raise little nuggets to be productive souls.

The best I can do these days to get hot vamp fang banging is from True Blood. And I'll tell ya that Eric is doing me just fine while I'm one a Twilight hiatus, there have been many a night...... * wipes the sweat from her brow* and if Godric hadn't been killed off so soon, I would have added him to the double decker meat sandwich.
No Golden onion here

My first class is Biology...The closest to a Twilight parallel is a dude with sweet dreads and looks like a bloated Laurent, and a lab partner that thinks Twilight"sucks balls". No one wants to eat my face cause I am their own brand of heroin. There is one girl who has a Zac Efron back pack though so at least there is something to laugh at. I can imagine that shit was somewhat cool in high school but, not in college you dumb vagina...enough said.

So, I wanted to stop back in and tell you all I'm with trying to find my way back to the smut, the love, the jaw porn...but I can't. Just too dang busy. So....keep all the good shit comin, I'm watchin and you are keeping me sane, believe me all women need a little Rpatz and Twilight hi jinks in their day. Oh, and I have seen the New Moon trailer.... holy hell! I'm not even trying to extinguish the fire in my pants after that preview. Its useless at this point. I'm done..there is no hope.. call the fuckin' fire department.