Friday, June 12, 2009

sex for TV

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Yowza ladies hold on to your pants

JL informed me today that Stephen Moyer aka (Bill , sexy vamp) on True Blood was on the View earlier this week. I don't watch the View anymore for various reasons. Other than the sweetness that is Whoopi Goldberg, the show is a train wreck. Joy is twitchy, and twitchy people freak me out. Elizabeth should be neutered. Anymore of her little ankle biters running around will further infect the world with more assholes. Barbara looks pretty good for 150 years old but once again snooze city, and Sherri is about as fun as a handful of fire ants. Needless to say, I missed that interview
The first season was so good and even my vampire hating husband enjoyed it, I am assuming because there was alot freaky ass sex. I mean really whacky. I have 3 days in which to make tawdry sexual advances to the husband in order to acquire HBO. Call it what you will, Tv prostitution, Sunday night street walking, HBO hustling, I like to refer to it as cold HARD negotiations. Everyone wins in my True Blood watching world.

I think I have plenty of ammo to work with, and the fact that True Blood is filled with raunchy "fang banging" .....he is a goner. Never stood a chance, really. If I have to wait until November to see New Moon well than I need a little something to tide me over, and X rated Vamp sex will certainly help me maintain my Twack level so I can function as a somewhat normal happy mother and wife....So wish me luck.


Latchkey Wife said...

Nice work! Fight for what you believe in! I don't have HBO either and so I'm going to make someone else who has HBO record it for me so I don't have to wait for the fucking DVDs to come out! I love it so!

chrissy said...

Good luck!
I watched a little bit of that over at my parents one night with my dad....we decided we needed to watch something else at the exact same time. Freaky vampire sex is NOT cool sitting by your dad.

Julie said...

Before Edward, before Jamie (Oh God How I Love Jamie...) there was me all CRAZY about vampires. Since Buffy and Angel I have been die-hard fan all all things fangy. so I felt kinda left out of the whole TrueBlood bandwagon and finally starting watching thanks to Netflix. Unfortunately netflix tricked me and sent me episode 3 and 4 first and we literally jumped into sweet young academy award winning pianist Anna "fly away home" paquin diddling her fandango to a okay looking somewhat enticing vamp. What the flower? I feel like someone forgot to clue me in on all this trueblood mania. I'm in now - I have a season to catch up on but I loves me a challenge. I'm sure I will have lots to say post season viewing. PS - Ms. Hairbrained - I love you blog!

Jenny-Lynn said...

I am pumped for TB. Nice job on the HBO swindle, I'm psyched to watch it together. I find Bill Compton v. sexy and have been counting down the days until I can hear him say "Sookie" again. I think they should've found a way to work his english accent into the storyline, though. We all know how I feel about accents. Well, Julie does. :0

Jules, I am loving me some Jamie right now, Dragonfly in Amber. Not nearly as many sex scenes as Outlander so that disappoints a little. But, still good. He is such a MAN.

Bitches said...

I am so with you on your feelings towards Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Yuck, can't stand her...every time she opens her mouth, I cringe.

After reading all the books, thanks to Netflix, I was finally able to watch the first couple episodes of True Blood. My husband originally mocked me, but, after watching the first couple espisodes, he's into it too. Obviously, he's only into it for the awesome kinky sex, but, what can I say, I am too.

OMG, I am absolutely in love with Jamie! I can't wait to begin Dragonfly In Amber...although, I'm bummed to hear there isn't as much sex in it...