Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fanfic virgin, sort of

I'm so lost....

Everywhere I turn I see fanfic this fanfic that...and I have dabbled a little. You could say I have played just the tip with fanfic. But, answer me this...what the hell is a lemon, lemony or lemonade fanfic, is it sour, like I'm going to close my eyes and spit? I need a some sort of guide on all the lingo. I need a for all the fan fic experts out there, what should be the first story I read? Don't get all face melty on my like K in the flow, I have to ease into it and I can't abandon my children for the day, sweating in the closet with my computer and pleasuring device. So, lets start it out PG 13 ish and move it on up the ladder.


Tasha... said...

You cracking me up! A "lemon" refers to hot and steamy sexy times.

Here is a wiki link to fanfic lingo:

Here is a link to some Twilight fanfic story acronyms:

I started with Eternal Dawn, cause I hate Breaking Dawn. It's not too "lemony," but good! Lots of action. I don't know a whole lot of PG-13 stuff, though. I'm a fucking perv like that. What fic did you read 1st? So I know where to go from here.

Latchkey Wife said...

PG-13 is for sissies! You need the Rated M and/or NC-17. I wouldn't even know a PG-13 to direct you to (I'm a perv like Tasha)! LOL! I like 'em good and "lemony"!!

K_InTheFlo said...

OK..CEHM..hmm.. I'm thinking you need storyline..(because you got a hot husband and don't need your lemons like I do-LOL) I see that Tasha has linked you to wiki fanfic lingo..good good.

OK - Good storylines.. OF COURSE you must read Wide Awake..Amazing writer and great lemons when they come ( It's ALL human. but canon couples (Canon Couples means Edward & Bella- couples as they are in the books) go here:

Another very interesting one that I like is Wild Swan,,and the writer has set up a blog companion with this. It has really drawn me in. This is ALL HUMAN..and yes Canon couples.

so check those out.. Wild swan has 10 chapters so far..and is still writing.
Wide Awake is 49 chapters and we are about to get our 50th - which will be the final chapter.
I think both these writers could easily be published. They are that good! Your heart will go on quite a ride! keep me posted about your finds!

K_InTheFlo said...

FYI: They are still rated M..(Mature)..but it's not all out X rated at all.
BUt if you want something that when your kids say - "Mommy can you read to me what you're reading" - well then - I'll have to rethink this! ALOT.

Ms. M said...

I don't know the lingo either...but this one is a nice PG-13. It picks up where breaking dawn ended... it is written like Stephenie Meyers style...

caring erratic hairbrained mom said...

@Tasha- Thank you! The lemon thing had me all screwed up and I love me some smut. But, honestly, I started Wide Awaken that was the first one , phew.... I though CPS was going to come get my kids.
they were bleary eyed walking around the house looking for food and attention. Im with you on Breaking Dawn, I about puked when Jacob turned into a pedofile, and I even hated Edward by the end of it.

@Latchkey- . I gotta keep it simple, so I dont get obsessed. We shall see.

@K- The lemons around here are great, I got enough to start an orchard.... I like a good storyline, I also read one that you suggested, they were at a party and had sex in the bathroom..whoa. Maybe I should just go balls out and get face deep in the hard core stuff.

@Ms.M- ill check it out for sure. I think I may have looked at it before.

K_InTheFlo said...

FYI @CEHM.."Wild Swan" does not refer to a sexual liberation..It is about Bella & Edward- already married and on the verge of divorce..Edward has been a victim of Living a life that his mother wanted for him. this has soured his marriage. Bella doesn't really recognize him anymore. They have grown apart. She liberates herself but still loves him..hence "Wild Swan"..and she keeps a blog while she does it. edward is in total despair and looks at his life- the choices he's made. I don't think I've read one lemon yet..

Limey_1996 said...

I tell you something some FF's have the whole fucking orchard of lemon's!! Phew baby!

Loved - WA of course but then The Red Line was lemony sweet.


Limey_1996 said...

Oh and Cocktails and Dreams and The Office was good too.

The Dominant and The Submissive - Whole friggin Orchard of Lemons..

Like I just told LKW - Just call me the "Clitless Wonder" haha


K_InTheFlo said...

geesh Limey -
CEHM wants to go PG13..and you're popping lemons out like fireworks on the 4th of July! haha.
er... Dominant/submissive (humina humina btw)..LOL.

Hmm. have not heard of "the red line"..must check this out.

The Clitless Wonder(s) strike again!

@CEHM- It's a runaway Smut Train..that's all I can say!

Limey_1996 said...

Oh sorry Caring - you wanted to go PG13?? Well disregard my list! haha Twismut with orchards of lemons..

@KITF - Yes, try 'the red line' very lemony sweet. Phew! :D

Mrs. Vanquish said...

FanFic will definitely bring a new obsession to you ! At least it was for me like that - or still is. Tasha´s recommendations are always great, she gave me great stuff to read.
But the best thing I read was undeniable Wide Awake.
Apart from the fact that it´s a human story, it is just so amazing wonderful.
K_InTheFlo already gave you this link.

caring erratic hairbrained mom said...

screw it Im going Wide Awake...chapter 12 already and Mama loves it

K_InTheFlo said...

Oh Momma - You know there's no going back now- now that you are WIDE AWAKE!!! You'll never ask for PG13 EVER again! NEVER!!!!!!
It wasn't a vamp that turned you - it was a Rated M (for magically delicious)FanFic.
doesn't matter how - just that it finally happened!

Fire Crotch said...

I am so glad I wasn't the only one totally in the dark! And then the unicorn thing...yeah, I was still thinking it was about guys who like Twilight. Heh. Oh well! Happy reading!

Caring E H mom said...

I just learned about unicorns and the had one of my own....OHHHH

Anonymous said...

Tasha is the ultimate crackfic dealer..

I havent really read much thats pg-13. I tend to like it full of angst and smut..

I hated breaking dawn w/a passion. It was all kinds of screwed up. Eternal Dawn was good. I liked it.It would have been a much better ending to the series..

cutie said...

Sorry it too me so long to get here. Great blog, by the by. I'm glad everyone was able to "school." I can see the resident "crackfic" dealer did her job most thoroughly.

Bitches said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was completely lost when it came to "lemons," "unicorns," & fanfic. Just the other day I sent Fire Crotch a frantic e-mail asking "WTF is a effing lemon?!" Anyhow, I'm about thirty chapters into Wide Awake and now I'm beginning to understand what all the fuss over fanfic is about! I agree with the others, don't half ass it w/PG-13, go for the good stuff! My next choice will definitely be as filthy as possible!