Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blade vs Edward

He's behind me isn't he??

Sorry, but this shit is pretty funny.

I love me some Blade, he is a bad ass. Before Edward, he was probably one of my fav vamps out there, not for his looks or anything just for the sheer kick assery he could dish out.

Ok that's it, be back soon with some Fanfic review if I'm not baking cakes and making pasta sauce, cause that's what I do bitches.....make cakes and pasta sauce.


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

that's freakin' funny!

would love to see THAT fight, it would probably make the ballett studio scene look like a childrens' birthday party - LOL

xox Betti

I can't get over how lovely the button fits into your blog design... cool!

Caring E H mom said...

@ Betti
I love my button, I just had a girlfriend call me and complimented your artistic creation. My husband was a little perplexed his words were" is she giving him a handjob?" (does that translate) I said no, I think she is unzipping his pants....
and what is even funnier, the baby in the button looks like my older son when he was a baby.
I thought that pic was great, sadly enough my money is on Blade.

Fire Crotch said...

Kick it. Um, so I have to say I must have missed the whole Blade thing, but my SIL is talking about it too, so I suppose I should watch it. Great pic!

Limey_1996 said...

"Behind you" haha NUTTER! Sorry I don't think I've ever seen Blade.

I'm the cake maker for all my friends, although our kids are getting older now.. Normally they take 4 + hours, I'm covered in frosting and my friggin back is killing me, but the kids faces are all worth it in the end, Oh and the margaritas too. :D

Your button really does look as if she's giving him a wank. COOL! :D

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I just read your answer, hairbrainedmom. Both you and your hubs have a point, but what I wanted to illustrate was:
She's just absentmendedly reaching out to what she thinks is the dog with the bone (she thinks it's just the dog all three times), searching with her hand and then starltedly stops, finding there's nothing she can throw away... LOL.
Neither unzipping (LOOL!) nor a handjob (LOOOOOL!!) was intended by me...
But I take your and your husband's equally slightly saucy interpretation as an indication for a quite, er, contenting wedded life, so... yeah, whatever, why not.
Still laughing, Betti :)

SBGDGT said...

Oh holy crap! Now that is some FUNNY Sh-tuff! I know what you mean about Blade! Right behind my husband Jon Bon Jovi (in Vampires- Los Muertos), Blade is my 2nd fav vampire! Poor Edward wouldn't stand a chance... *sigh* But I shall not think of Edward being killed ever again!