Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Down the drain...

You know, I am embarrased to admit I swindled my 2 year old into picking out a Volvo C30 matchbox car....for any of you out is a mini version of Edward Cullen's car ( in the movie not the book) ...shameful I know. Btown would keep putting the car down in the store, and I would pick it back up and say" Look at the new car you are getting, FUN!!" he would respond"bahhhh" and spit a little. You know the noise he is making, its the one you make right after you have eaten something that tastes like total shit
He was my cover story. I was buying the car for him, not me. ;-) I am fully aware there is a ridiculous factor that goes along with a 35 year old stay at home mom owning a matchbox car, much less owning one because it reminds her of a sparkling vampire.

My kids and I tend to shower together, first because I am a HAG and entirely too lazy to shower before 6pm. Secondly, its just easy. We have a shower that has a rather large drain, you know one that you could fit say...a shiny matchbox Volvo car in. Btown decides to throw it right down the drain, and I look at him with the 60 other cars he had brought in the shower, and think to myself this is KARMA.
What asshole manipulates their 2 year old to pick a matchbox car of their own personal liking? And I might add for the soul purpose just to have a mini version of a fictional character's fictional car? Apparently I am this asshole
And, someone ( you know how you are) thought it was fitting for me to watch my mini Edward Cullen Car drive its pretty little ass straight down the drain.